Sunday, July 05, 2009

Yea we got married......

So we got married.. yea i know we were supposed to be taking it slow, but when you know, you know right?? No, im not pregnant like my sis-in-law suggested. ( she apparently thought it was to fast).
We decided to have a BBQ when my sis -in-law from Texas came here for a visit. She happened to mention that her husband is a minister, which i already knew. But she put a little bug in my ear about him being able to preform ceremony's.
Hmmm everyone will be here anyway for the bbq, so why not??
We planned it all hush hush.
I didnt want anyone to feel that they had to get us anything, or if they even had to think about it b/c its the 2nd marriage. ( to the same person at that.)
So that is why i wanted to keep it a secret. and i think i did pretty good too.
Although i blabbed to everyone at work, cuz they weren't coming so it was cool. That relieved some of my "OMG i HAVE to tell someone" urge.
C my bro in law did a fabulous job with the whole ceremony. I know he worried about it, b/c we were his first. I felt so honored that he would practice on us :)
when we told everyone to come outside so we could get married, their faces were priceless. Wish i had my camera then. Some didn't believe us either.
Afterwards we went to the beach w/D and Aunt V to take pictures. We got some great shots. Thanks D you rock :)
The kids were great. although S wanted me to throw the flowers, not sure why. After the ceremony she was holding some flowers and made me follow her around the yard as she plucked off the pedals and threw them on the ground. Future flower girl in the making.
I think everyone had fun, there was alot of food and drinks.
Although some family members behavior left much to be desired, and i was actually quite suprised. Not sure why i was surprised, but i wont get into it here. There is no point, it will never change.
So i had a great time, it was quick and painless, and my life is back to where it was meant to be.
To my Love,
We have been through our share of ups and downs. In my wildest dreams did I ever think that we could be at this place once again, and that i could love you more now than the first time i gave you my heart.
You are my heart, my soul, my love and my bestfriend.
I am a better woman for having you in my life.
Thank you for loving me....
To many many years of happiness for us and our family. xoo

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