Wednesday, July 08, 2009

My Fun Fun night...

Let me just tell you what my favorite part of last night was...
I think it was finally being in a wonderful deep sleep and being startled awake by a HUGE crack of thunder.
Then counting to 5 before i hear my 4 yr old scream at the top of her lungs.
Oh BTW it was 1:30am
Then she insisted that i sleep in her bed while the thunderstorm persisted.
The BEST thing about that ,is that she has a great big air conditioner in her room that she REFUSES to put on because its "too noisy mommy".
So while this thunderstorm continues S was so close to me, i thought she was going to climb back in. So now we are under a comforter, in a Sauna ,that is her room, with no air on or window open. (thunder remember?) with her elbom in my neck cuz she HAD to have her fingers in her ears.
Wow that was a special, fun night for me...
Thanks Mother Nature. (you bitch)

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