Monday, August 17, 2009

Our new kitchen

SOOOOOI really wanted to post some before and after pictures of my kitchen, but....when i put my pictures on the computer, i put it onto Kodak easyshare. When i try to download them i get only the pictures that i downloaded from my wedding. The pictures go into a file already in this computer apparently. I gotta figure out how to do that.

Anywhooo....On Friday Doug fix-it came over and re-arranged our kitchen. He also built the most amazing pantry ever. It is HUGE and the drawers pull completely out!! The best part?? It holds ALL my crap!! He also hung 2 new cabinets!! For more crap :) love it.
We did have a little issue with one cabinet, it is now null and void and going out to the curb. So that takes some counter space away, but as soon as we order and get our new countertop he will extend it a little and it will be fine.

The week when he came was a little bit of a nightmare. We had to clean out the pantry and move that upstairs for storage, then cleanout the computer desk, and move that to the curb. Clean off the counters, clean out the counter cabinets, and move all the kids stuff from the kitchen. You know, you dont realize the stuff you have till you have to move it, i tell ya.
We got a corner computer desk for the living room, and we had to move the bookshelf that was in that spot and bring that upstairs. *sigh* too much stuff.

Oh, and putting the new desk together almost got us divorced AGAIN....

So right now, we have to order our countertop and floor and doug is coming back around mid-Sept to actually finish the kitchen. That will kinda be a pain, but worth it .
Hopefully i will figure out this picture thing soon and post some.
All for now
Moving a new and improved home....

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~Denise said...

um yeah you need to get the picture thing figured out!!! Call C tonight, around 7pm my time... maybe he can walk you thru it! I wanna see how it all looks!