Monday, August 10, 2009

6 months and 11 years

On Aug.6 mom has been gone 6 months. 6 LONG months. Ihave to admit, it feels like 6yrs. As the snow melted and the warmth began, i felt like it just melted into yrs.
I still miss her everyday, and the kids talk about her regularly. I hope they always will have some kind of memory of her. I will try my best to keep memorys of her flowing, I have pictures of her around so they won't EVER forget what she looks like.
There are days i wake up and can't believe she is gone, and that it went so fast. I am always sad that she isn't here to see how happy I am now and how our family is back together. I think she would be so happy, after the initial shock. Like everyone else.

So that leads to Aug 7th. I was a nurse 11 yrs on that day. My mom ALWAYS, and i mean ALWAYS. gave/sent me a card on that day. She always told me how proud she was of me and how much she loves me. I mentioned it to B, and how sad i was.
When i got home from work, he gave me a card, with something beautiful written inside. *sigh* that is why i love him so much. He is so generous, and caring, and thoughtful. He rocks!!
It made the day better, like he always does.

So today the girl is home with me. B has to "work" for the next 4 days. Its actually an inservice thing he is doing, and getting paid for it, so its ok. I just think he is annoyed cuz he has to put on clothes ..hee hee.
I am going to get my hair colored and highlighted today. The girl is coming with. so pray she is good.
Anywho, Summer is coming to a close soon. It is 98degrees here today (I know poor me...from TX) but i want 70 back, uggggg even my eyelashes are sweating.
All for now.....

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