Thursday, September 03, 2009

Meeting the Teacher

The other day N's new teacher sent a letter home to him. It was so sweet cuz he was so excited to get mail. So he read the letter from the teacher and it was all about what they are going to learn etc.... It also invited him to come and meet her today between 1-2pm.

I was waiting for the counter guy to come and he was late. But i said, come Hell or High water, we are meeting this teacher.
Her name is Mrs. Mcguire. She is very nice and short. (doesnt mean a thing, but what is with the short teachers?? His last one, was like 4'8)
She was telling me that it is a big leap from kindergarten to 1st grade, which i already knew, with my heart palputating and all.
She said that they are walked to the cafeteria and dropped off and they are on their own, no Aide sitting with them like last yr. ALL BY THEM SELVES. There are 2 cafe aids but they overlook the whole cafe, not just my sons table. I have a feeling he is gonna be one hungry boy.
One of his friends from T-ball was there and they are going to be in the same class. Oh Boy, they were already fooling around, so i told her to keep them seperated if she wants them to learn anything.
She said she lets everyone sit whereever they want and she tells them to pick a new seat daily. If it gets to the point that everyone is sitting with the same people all the time, she WILL assign seats. ok, im fine with that, cuz if N sits with that boy he will get in trouble...

I fixed his desk up in his room, cuz he said he needs a spot to "work", so i went through everything and took out his workbooks and pencils.
He will have a homework packet on mon. and it has to be returned on Friday. I like that idea,he has all week to work on it. He has a full week with karate M-W-F, so he can do it in between.

After school they let them out of a side door and they all run to the playground like animals breaking free from the zoo. Noone looks for anyone to come and get them like last year, so papa needs to be on time. Last yr if you were late, he stayed inside until you physically got him.
**Sigh......* so much change, and he is growning up so fast. Ugggg i cant take it.
Then next yr it will be the girls turn to rip my heart out...
Schools fun.

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Anonymous said...

Stacy: I love reading your blogs, You are so informative. Maybe some day you'll write a book? You have a great sense of humor even when you feel down. Hugs to everybody. Aunt Pris