Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Things to do...Things to do...

I have so much to do, i cant even begin to move.
We are starting Southbeach Diet again. The last time we did it, it was 2004. It was right before i got PG with Sara. We looked very good. (probably why I got PG Hee hee)
Soooo I MUST go to BJ's to get a huge Laundry list of things to start this diet.
Its hard and expensive to eat right. *sigh* But we must do it. for B's health especially, but for mine too.
I have to make Breakfast Egg Cups and Spinach Frittata for B's breakfast.
I have to cut up all the veggies for our snacks for the week. (mmmm sound just wonderful huh)
I also have to finish the laundry and do the dishes.
The good thing is, i have dinner in the Crock Pot right now. Chicken breast and a bag of mixed veggies. Thats it. simple and good.
The hubby started work again today. I miss him. Usually when i'm off, he is here with me and we make a plan for the day together.
But i am on my own.
I cant leave at the moment cuz i am babysitting my friends daughter while she is at the Dr.
So i guess i will do the inside stuff first and shop later.

I still cant believe that school is tomorrow and my baby is going into 1st grade
I'm going to be strong when my baby walks throught those big doors into the school and he is gone for 6 hrs to do things on his own.
He has started already, by making his breakfast ie: pouring his cheerios
and we talked about the things he will do himself. He packed his own lunch money and put it in his bookbag in the designated spot. He will pack his snack too later. He likes doing things himself, he feels like a big boy he says.
So tomorrow is the day, and i will be strong
I promise. maybe....

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