Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Not So Bad...

First day of 1st grade. The sis is there for support..

I have to say i was strong this morning. When i got to the school, there was a ton of people outside. So I thought "well this can't be good." I hate crowds of people. Especially when they just stop short in front of you to talk to someone on the sidewalk that they havent seen in 2 months and feel the need to tell them their WHOLE summer right AT THAT MOMENT!! and not even take a glance over their shoulder to see the mother and her two kids trying to get to the door. and the mother is having HUGE anxiety about dropping her son off into a CROWD!!

*AHEM* so all went well. I sent him in the buliding and he kept coming out because he couldn't see with all the people in the way. So i walked in with him and sent him down the right hallway. He remembered where his class was. PS thanks to Mrs McGuire for that meet and greet on Thursday..

I felt very nervous when i left, not sure why, but i took the girl to school and now i am just doing some house strainghtening.

Next year should be interesting. Oh, no tears!! :)

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~Denise said...

those are seriously the cutest kids ever! :) LOVE them! Save me S's shirt! :)