Thursday, October 15, 2009

Uncle Frank

I didnt know him very well, i just saw pictures. My late mother in law and Aunt V told me some great stories about him and Aunt P.
I got the pleasure of meeting him and hanging out with him 2 Thanksgivings ago. I took the kids and we spent 3 days upstate and stayed with him, and Aunt P. My kids loved him. He was very patient with them, when they asked their millions of questions about his computer and he showed him all the pictures in his computer area.
I found him to be a very kind, patient ,man who was clearly still in love with his wife and family.
B told me recently, that when he looked at his life and how he wanted it to be, he thought of him. He wants to be the father and husband that he was. From what i saw of him, I hope so too.
My life would be more blessed than it already is.
We will miss you Uncle Frank. May you rest in Peace..

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Anonymous said...

Much love and thanks to you for that. I keep reading it, and it blesses me every time. I hope we can all get together real soon. Love, Aunt Pris