Saturday, October 10, 2009

Drama, Drama, may be over......

So it has been an icecream in the dirt kinda week here.
However, it has gotten better. Thanks to my wonderful, superhero husband, (cue music here)
Thursday all Hell broke loose at the Okun household.
My sister decided to start texting my again. I did text my niece earlier in the day to tell her that i am no longer speaking to my sister and my niece can come over whenever she wants.
Apparently, that pissed off the "crazyone"
So the texts started again.
Mean, rude, nasty, even threatening ones. She actually said that she would "punch me in the face" if she came over here. That is laughable, but dream on sista...
So the last sentence of the last text was "i cant wait to see you at your funeral".
Sound a little threatening? Yea to me too and the cops as well.

Sooooo, i called my dad and told him that HE is the only one talking to her and he needs to tell her to back off. That OFCOURSE started a fight between him and I. Uggg again.
He hung up on me, so i went over there, where the fight continued. He defended my sister, and i told him to get out and live with her..period. End of story. and i meant every word.
I then came home, in a tizzy, went upstairs and threw a pair of shorts, of B's, against the wall. Breaking the belt. (again sorry about that ya) But i did get cracked in the forehead with the piece of the beltbuckle. (poetic justice?)

B decided that is was finally time to speak to my dad about this nonsense. (this is where the super hero kicks in). He put on his cape (or shoes, whatever) and flew over there.
I, of course being extremely nosey, followed him in the dark and watched through the back door to see where it was going on. When i saw him sit down , i felt kinda relieved.
So I then went to the side of the house to listen through the window, which i couldnt hear anything . Uggg. ( i have since spoken to my brother about keeping the window half open for eavesdropping purposes. Which he then informed me that he keeps it closed so he doesn't have to hear me yelling at my kids....whatev)
Then MY kids needed attention, like bedtime and love and crap like that...
My spying time was over. Dam
Over an hour later, he comes home. finally.
He made a very long story short, kinda.
Basically with ALOT of slow talking and explaining. Some times twice. He kinda, maybe, GOT IT a little... B. has the patients of a saint and does'nt yell. (thats his super hero strenght BTW)
Me? NOT so much...I have little patients and yell. alot. Match made in heaven huh??
Dad is upset at the way i spoke to him. B told him that is was in direct response to how he spoke to ME. (Saying you are embarrased that i am your daughter, can lead to some nasty talk)
B also explained that telling someone to drop dead, that she wants to punch me and cant wait to go to my funeral, among a million other nasty things, is NOT NICE sister talk...which then explains why she no longer is mine. This went on for a long long time.
But in the end, alas, they shook hands, with an understanding that if Dad feels that he is being "spoken down to" He will come and speak to us and not fly off the handle..
He still isnt happy with the way we communicate, and neither am I, but it is just something we need to work on.
Did I mention that B and My bro spoke on Wed too. My Craptacular B-day, that was shot to hell with family drama, my son having Diarrhea and having to stay home from school, which led me to cancel my "day of Spa fun" for me. Although i did get to go to lunch with my 2 favorite boys, so that was a highlight. But B and the Bro are fine as well.
My sister has now made her bed, now she must lie in it. Alone.....

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~Denise said...

What??? No reference to your favorite sister in law who is staying with you now????