Thursday, November 19, 2009

Does It Ever end??

Unfortunately the boy takes after me when it comes to his clumsyness.
Yesterday I finally got home after an aggravating day and the boy is on the cough under the covers.
I told the hubby that I have been concerned about him because he hasnt been himself lately.
1. Sleeping way too much
2.Not eating as much, definatley diminished appetite
3. Still running low grade Temps on and off.

So when I got home and he was laying on the couch i wasnt really surprised.
But then he told me that his left arm was hurting him and he couldnt stretch it out.
Hmmm, so i did my nursing assessment on him, all the while he screamed like a girl. Literally.
He didnt look good to me so I took his temp and he had 99.9 Oral so he had a low grade Temp again.
*sigh* I gave him some motrin for said Temp and Screaming arm.
An hour later, he was still complaining so i called the DR, which has evening hours, which i did not know.
Took him in , bruised elbow, but his now has STREP THROAT, Ugggg can the kid catch a break?
He actually fell asleep at the DR office on the table under the loud ,bright lights. You know he's sick then. Soooo, Keflex it is. No school today and a script for a x-ray for today. He told me last night that he is tired of feeling sick. :(
He woke up using it, (his arm) with little to no pain.

Its so funny how everything happens for a reason.
I would have never known that he has Strep if i didnt take him for his arm.
That happens ALOT in my life, God?? Divine Intervention?? Who knows but I am grateful all the same.

Unrelated stuff:
S got i the car and i shut the door. She buckled her seatbelt and i got in the car and said "oh, good job!" she says "yeah mommy i buckled my own seatbelt even with the darkness in the way!!"

I said something to S in the car the other morning and she says "Oh, mommy, daddy was right you are crazy!!!" Umm what??

N was telling me last night "I guess i wasnt being safe on the swing, thats why i fell off." I then got of the couch and tripped on my shoes. He says "See mommy your not being safe either."
Yeah he was right.
They come out with some stuff.

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