Wednesday, November 11, 2009

When Pigs Fly...into MY house...

The fear came fast, my heart started to race, my eyes welled with tears. All the news reports came flooding back. A "perfectly healthy teenager dies" "A baby boy died last night" 'The School closed for the week after an outbreak"
All I heard was my girlfriend that i was lunching with, saying "Its ok, he'll be fine"
My husband was on the other end of the phone telling me the same thing. I was trying to listen to both of them at the same time, all the while the hot sweats came, and i was trying to figure out a way to get home to my son.
Nicky was diagnosed with Swine Flu...THE Swine Flu.
Scared was not the word for how i felt when my hubby called me yesterday on the way back from the pediatricians office. I think i said "What the F**k" about 6 times
He talked me down, a little, from the cliff i was on.

I had to call around for Tamiflu for him and the girl. I did, to several places. Noone had it. I finally got a CVS that would fill it, but they only have pills. Great! Nick wont put anything in his mouth he doesnt like. This should be fun.
So the hubby went there, and low and behold they COULDNT fill it because they didnt have the milligrams they needed for him. Grrrrr.
I finally called the pharmacy across from the MD office and they were able to make it in his dosage. Ahhhh, but the MD had to call it in, and i will get it after work.
So i'm back at work, and i'm told that if my son has the Swine Flu that means i was exposed so i cant work. WHAT!! I have to be on Tamiflu as well, for 24hrs.
So i call MY Dr and she called in a script for me in the same pharmacy.

I am sooo unbelievably pissed about this. Who the hell are they to tell me what medication i have to take, and furthermore, how will they know if i'm taking it. That should be MY choice not mandated or i cant work. My job is full of assholes i tell ya
So on the way home i stop at the pharmacy and there was an issue with my insurance card (of course it was), but after 35 min i was able to come home with 3 bottles of Tamiflu in 3 different doses (which was another reason it took so long) The pharmacist had to mix them all somehow from the pills. whatev..
Lucky me, though I got the Liquid version too..yuck (yes ,now i know what my kids go through, i GET it).
When i get home, we cuddled. Alot. He was a little sad and pathetic. His Temp ranged from 102 - 99 throughout the day. I had to run out and get Tylenol as well, cuz his Temp was still high and he wasnt due for the Motrin yet.

The fear, has diminished, but a part of me still wanted to sleep in his bed last night. I went in his room to give him medicine at 10pm, and he was sleeping. I sat on the floor and listened to him breathe for a while, then woke him. After his meds, i rubbed his back and hair till he fell asleep again....then so did I.

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