Friday, November 27, 2009

My Thanksgiving Thanks...

Thanksgiving. The start of the dreaded 1st of the holidays without my mom. Also the start of the 1st with my new/old husband and family.
I will sum it up with a list of things that I am Thankful for, in no particular order.

* Chocolate and coffee. Together would be great.
* Having a job, although I am not too fond of mine at this moment
* My kids. And the fact that they have a sense of humor when dealing with their crazy mom.
(oh, and Nick, the cops will not come get you if you fight with your sister on a holiday)
* Xanax
* My dad. Even though he makes me insane and take the above mentioned med. He is the only parent I have left, and you get what you get and ya don't get upset.
* My sister, because she makes me realize how sane I really am.
* The rest of my family, for just being them.
*My mom. Even though she wasnt in the room, I know she was there with us, shaking her head when I F***ed up the blueberry pie, rolling her eyes when my sis-in-law was rambling on with her nervous energy, after just getting out of the clink, and hugging my dad when he decided to go to restaurant for dinner because he just didnt want to do it without her. I miss her terribly and am grateful that i am half of her.

My husband. Oh, my wonderful, tolerant, patient, understanding, and loving husband. The best thing that has happened to me. Ever. My rock in the storm of loss and grief, and family. The one person that GETS me, and takes all of me for it. The love of my life, always. I am so Grateful and Thankful that he is in my life once again, for good.
Happy Thanksgiving to all, and be thankful daily for all you have

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~Denise said...

hmmm never thought I'd see the word PATIENT when used to describe my brother... (other than in a medical setting of course.) :)
Of course, the above comment applies to myself as well; then again, apples don't fall too far from their trees now do they??? :D

Love you and I am thankful for you! ;)