Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Holiday Time

This is by far my favorite time of year. For many reasons.
My kids are very excited, about ALL things. Especially about Santa. They wrote their Santa lists. Nick asked for a game and $30?? Huh? Well, he is half is father.
Sara asked for a Barbie and a game. ok short lists. But we already went overboard on the gifts. We always do. Good thing i rotate throughout the year, and thin the stuff. I donate to Freecycle, so it makes me feel better to go through their things.
Now, B on the other hand is the most irritating person to buy for. Seriously, what do you get someone who says "I dont need anything". I told him you dont buy what you NEED for x-mas, you get what you WANT. "Well, i don't WANT anything" Grrrr..
Now when he asked me, i actually had a list of things that I WANT, and wouldn't buy myself. Ya know, just to make his life easier. See, I'm a giver :)

So last night we all got gorgeous and took out family x-mas pixs for our card. We have never done this before. It has always been the kids. I took the pixs last year and made a card, & it came out fabulous. So this year we did it again, but with us in it too.
It was fairly painless. Laura took the pixs for us and it went well i thought.
It is going to be a very bitter sweet Christmas for me, as everything has this past year.
The happiness i feel when i think of spending th holidays with my intact family, is overwhelming. B told me yesterday that I am a beautiful woman and he is a lucky man. ( i totally agree BTW).
But I think I am the lucky one too. The love I get from my family is awesome and this will be the best first x-mas ever.

Sara told me yesterday, that we will dress up, take pictures and send one to Santa then he will definately bring us presents on x-mas eve!!!!
I told her she still has to be good for Santa to come, no matter HOW pretty she looks. (hee hee) Which we looked gorgeous..


~Denise said...

Mom used to say the same thing about buying for B!!!

You guys do look GORGEOUS!!!

Wish we could be together for Christmas!

Anonymous said...

You guys are so cute!! Bryan, you look so much like Neill, I can't believe it. What a nice family.

Love, Aunt Pris