Sunday, January 03, 2010

2009 Recap...

2009 has been an awful and a great year all at once.
*It started with my mom dying in Feburary. Then dad had a heart attack in the same month.
* On the day I buried my mom, I found out my ex husband broke up with his g-friend. It was the worst and best day of my life.
MARCH gave way to my sons birthday and we celebrated with a double birthday party, for him and the girl. It was sad to have an occasion without my mom. I cried the night before, but the party was good.
APRIL was the girls birthday month and she turned 4.
MAY was Mothers day and I loved it because it was the first with my family together. We went to the cemetery to see mom and leave flowers for her. I missed her so much that day. Louis's b-day came as well. Again another occasion without mom, but we handled it.
The summer came and we decided to get married! That was fun. We did it in the backyard with friends and family. It was the happiest day of my life and also the saddest. Of all the times in my life I wanted my mom, that was it. I desperately wanted her to see me happy and in love again, and my family back together. I missed her so much.
The end of the summer, my sis-in-Law was sent to jail for 4 months. Long story. It put a huge strain on our family. My father moved in to my brothers house to help him out financially. It was difficult on my brother, and we tried to help him as much as possible.
SEPT. came and N started school. 1st grade already!! He is getting so big. I love taking him to school and picking him up. He is learning so much and is just awesome!!
OCT. was me and dads b-day. That was, again the best and worst. I missed my mom making the birthday cake for us, and me and dad arguing over which kind we wanted.
But it was the first with my new intact family. :)
NOV.was Lu's B-day. At that time we weren't talking for a while. There was a family argument going on and on that day I decided to meet with her and clear it up. We did ,but it put a strain on our family for a while. Thanksgiving was strained as well. Dad wanted to be on his own for dinner. I was really saddened by that, but I understood. My sister went with him to dinner and came back for dessert. It was HARD to say the least. My family traditions were flowing through my head. It hurt to think about them. Her absence was huge. But my new hubby cooked for all of us. It was very good, and we had our own family tradition. My sis-in-law also came home the day before Thanksgiving. It was a good thing, but they are both still struggling through this whole thing.
DEC. i think was the worst so far. The Christmas holiday and traditions was huge in my family. Now I had them. I wasn't sure how to do that. first off, I worked the whole holiday. So the Hubby cooked again. Everyone came over and ate dinner then we all opened presents together. It was very bittersweet. . It was wonderful with my family together and we made it wonderful for the kids too. It was nice to celebrate with a family I so deeply love and as hard as it was, I was still very happy.
JAN. is my moms b-day month. That day will be very hard for us. It is a Sunday, and I am off, so I will go to the cemetary to see her. It will be a sad day for me. Its the hubby b-day month too. The big 40. That will be fun, He still doesnt know what he wants to do for his b-day. Probably dinner with friends.
Feb 6th will mark the day of her death. It will end the year of firsts for me.
I think I handled them well. It helped that it was also the year of firsts for my new relationship as well.
2010 will be a great year.
I start a new job in Feb, with Brookhaven Hospital. It is so much better for me and my family. I will be home more, with having to work 12hr shifts.
It is the year my baby goes to kindergarten. She is certainly not a baby anymore, by far. She lets me know that daily. But i know it will be a sad day for me.
I will be looking forward to alot of things this year. I will make it a good one.
* Coffee dates
* The kids jumping up and down at the prospect of their daddy moving back in. Asking "Is it true mommy? Is it true"
* Getting engaged in the Jewelery store.
* Getting re-married
* My sons first day of school.
* Getting my kitchen re-done :)
* Getting my new job.

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~Denise said...

tsk tsk
Jeepers! No comment about the new niece or nephew coming??!! Or the FABULOUS bro in law that performed your wedding??? What about the worlds most talented sis in law who took pix at the dock??? HMMMMMMMMM???

Seriously though...
I know it was a roller coaster of a year for you. I think you handled it very well. Probably better than I did when I had my year of firsts after my mom died.

I love you sis!!!