Monday, January 25, 2010

Changes are coming..

Well Feb.1st will start my new life. I guess you could call it that. My life itself will be the same. I'm not divorcing, leaving my kids, changing my name and going into the witness protection program or anything (yet).THAT would be starting a new life.
I am, however, starting a new job. In a hospital. Yikes.
So the changes are big.
1.leaving a job i have been at for 6yrs, and the friends that go with it.
2. Leaving a job that my kids went with me everyday, so they were a spit away.
3. Starting a job, that includes 12hr shifts. 3 days a week.
4. Having to worry that the hubby will have them for 12hrs, 3 days a week. Not that he cant handle it, he certainly can. But now there is dance, and karate and a 4yr old involved. Its part of my controlling OCD i think, that i have a little bit of. just a little.
5. Having my daughter at a "babysitters" instead of a "daycare". I am a little leery of that. I KNOW that she is social, and ready for Kindergarten etc.. but its going to be a ridiculous change for her too. So worry there too. (i think i worry too much)
6. On my days off, the 4 yr old is home with me. *sigh* what can I say about that? We are going to either hate each other or love each other. But either way, anything that i need to get done she has to go with me. I cant make apppt or do things after work anymore. This should be interesting.

I do have to say that i am excited to be going into this new phase in life. I just hope they are ready for me..

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