Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Birthday to My Boy

It was a regular day at the apartment. My Fiance was getting ready to go to work and kissed me goodbye. I was able to sleep in because I finished work for the next 6 months, because I was going to have a baby!!
I was nervous and excited at the same time.
I went to the bathroom while he was still home and I yelled out to him, "babe I think my water broke". He said " you want me to stay home??" No , go in to work I'll be fine, I'll call you"

I was settling down with a bowl of cereal, which was my craving at the time, and was watching LIVE! with Regis and Kelly..(or could have still been Kathy Lee, not sure).
Thats when I felt it, it started as a cramp, Hmmm I thought, what was that?? Contactions??
I went to the bathroom and put on a pad, but there was no water...Odd I thought. (I found out later that after my initial "water breakage" Nickys big Charlie Brown head blocked the flow of the water)
I called the Fiance and said "I think I'm having contractions but i'm not sure" He says "Ok you want me to come home?"
"No honey, i'm ok, but if you want to you can"

Then I called the Gyno, and she said to hang out a while. OK.
So I was waiting for the man to come home, which took FOREVER... (I found out later that he stopped for an egg sammy).
He finally got home and I called the gyno again, because the pain was getting worse.
She told me to come in. We drove. fast. to Stonybrook hospital, where I thought I could walk to the door. I got out of the car and WHAM!! Not happening.
I sat in a wheelchair and continued to breath. hard. A very nice woman walked with us into the hospital, she must have seen B's face and heard me hyperventilating because she walked with us to the elevator. She had very nice shoes and a lab coat, because that is all I was able to see. I could not physically lift me head I was in so much pain. I swore Nick was trying to kill me before he was even born..
I went up to the L&D suite and met my Mid wife there. She asked me if I wanted an epidural..UHHH Yeah I do!! Ahhh sweet relief.
The next few hours went by rather quickly, we played cards, my BFF and labor coach Kathy got there and we all just hung out.
When the epidural started running out, I was ready to give birth...Unfortunately she wouldn't give me another one.. (don't think i didn't ask, a few times)
So I pushed, and changed positions and pushed and changed positions again. He was a stubborn little thing. (still is).
He finally made it into this world at 6:12pm...screaming and beautiful. I couldn't see him because I pushed so hard I broke the blood vessels in my eyes . I had to hold cold compresses to my eyes for a while. (told you he was trying to kill me)
But when I did see him, he was the most beautiful, boy I have ever seen. Perfect head, perfect face, perfect fingers and toes..I couldn't stop staring at him and holding him..
He had my heart from that moment on, and continues to do so on a daily basis.
He is 7 yrs old today, and continues to make me laugh and cry. He amazes me and aggravates me, He makes me so proud to be his mommy and I my heart swells with love for this boy.
I love you Nicky, Happy Birthday.


Anonymous said...

That story still makes me tear-up when I hear it. Glad you left out the part where the mid-wife told me to have a look and I saw him crowning. Thanks for adding the egg sammy part. BTW I did ask if you wanted something. I love you so much for giving me our precious children. Can you believe it has been 7 years already? In 10 more he will be driving! (Your car not mine!)

~Denise said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww to both the blog and to B's comment!!! :)

~Denise said...

I remember mom calling me to say that Nicky was on his way and she was heading to the hospital. :)
By the way, you are the reason why I never found out the gender of my kids when I was pregnant. I remember mom saying that when the nurse (or was it Kathy?) came out to say that Nick was here that mom said she felt like DUH! Yeah I knew that already that's why I'm here! She said it was anti-climatic not hearing the It's a boy or It's a girl thing. LOL I still remember how excited she was about the whole thing though so that gets me all emotional when I think about my 2 and them not having her. :( She was SUPER proud to be Nicky's grandma!!!