Saturday, March 13, 2010

Little Girls...Little Girls...

I know the saying "little girls are sugar and spice and everything nice".
Well, I would like to meet that girl if you don't mind. Maybe she can come over and hang with MY girl, and teach her the ropes, like.....listening. That would be a good start. Maybe she could also teach her how it is not nice to pick on her OLDER brother until HE screeches like a girl. Calling her name over and over SAAAARRRRAAAAA STTTOOOPPPP.
Maybe a quick lesson on NOT talking over and back to her parents, at every conversation, and understand what she is being told, so she doesn't continue to do it over and over and over again, until her mother is in tears with a glass of wine in one hand and a xanax in another...*ahem*
Also, if its not too much trouble, maybe she could give her a quick rundown on clothing. As in, what not to wear and when (she kinda gets that from me though) flipflops in the dead of winter..etc..
Soooo, if you happen to run into that sugar and spice girl, please send her this way. Money is no object, i will pay her well. Cuz my sanity is PRICELESS..
Thanks and God Speed..


~Denise said...

I really shouldn't laugh at this post b/c I'm sure my day is coming!

Stacy O said...

yes it is

Anonymous said...

I spent all day Saturday with my friend and her two granddaughters, ages 4 and 8. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Love, Aunt Pris

Jess said...

I heart Sara!