Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mothers day

At Nicky's school they do a Mothers Day Tea. All the kids sang songs and made stuff for the Moms. It was so special. I teared up, because I don't remember doing this for my mom. I know we always did mothers day, but not at school. Not that my mom could have taken off to come to the school anyway. She had 4 kids and a full time job, math don't add up ya know.
I am so blessed that I have that option, that I can possibly arrange it to be at all my kids stuff. (although there are some that i would like to miss).

For actual Mothers Day, I was off, and the hubby went to get us egg sandwiches. Yummm I haven't had that in ages. After breakfast, I went to the cemetery to see mom and I decided to go alone this year. I went earlier than everyone else to get it over with. I hate making it a big production. Apparently I am not one of those people that can go to a cemetery once a week or so and stand there and talk and cry etc...guess thats not me. I think about mom everyday. She is in my dreams all the time, and in my mind. I do things and say things that I have to stop and think, "hmmm that just reminded me of mom". or "wow i just sounded just like her" I miss her so much sometimes it hurts.

After the cemetery we hung out around the house, then we went to J&Rs steakhouse, where we went last year. It was good.not great. but Sara didn't act a fool like last year, so i'll take it.
For Mothers day I got a Nook. Its an e-reader and very cool. You can download books, and add your pictures and music as well. I love it because I take a book everywhere! I like the ease of just throwing in my bag or in my locker at work. One of my good friends Jess just got one, and we can share e-books. yea! love it. Thanks B. cant wait to sit at the pool with my Nooky..love ya

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Anonymous said...

Could we have another picture of your pool in progress? Love you. Aunt P or as Sydney calls me, Aunt Ris.