Monday, May 03, 2010

My Gynormous Empty hole....

So I feel like my life is complete, although there is a gynormous hole in my backyard. Eventually that hole will be filled with steel and cement and water and what hopefully will be an ass kicking pool.
And soon enough it will also be filled with fun and laughter with my kids having the time of their lives. Hopefully they won't realize that dunking their sibling and pretending to drown them is ALOT of fun. Way more fun then fake kicking them on the trampoline.
I am afraid of the deep end. Really really afraid. Not for me, I can swim (duh) but for my fearless 5 yr old that taught herself how to swim last year in a 6x6 blow up pool. Which turned out pretty good for her cuz she REALLY can swim. My nervousness comes from the fact that she thinks she can swim WAY better than she can. I am going to have to be on my "A" game all summer cuz like I said the girl is FEARLESS, and if big brother can jump off the diving board, well so can she!
In her warped 5 yr old world.

This really should be the best summer ever, the start to many more. Me and the Hubby had a nice talk the other night (granted we were both a little tipsy which makes for the BEST conversations,)and we are very happy with the way our family is shaping up.
We have never been more in love, which solidifies the fact that we made an AWESOME decision getting back together. (thanks B for bringing that up a year and 3months ago).
Life is Good!


~Denise said...

Sign her up for real lessons at the Y. That should make you feel better. Also couldn't hurt to convince B to get certified in CPR. Both C and I are! :)

Stacy O said...

There is a "Y" opening in Patchogue soon. I'll look into it. and i'll try to convince him of the CPR

Anonymous said...

I used to lay on a blanket in that yard and read romance magazines. What a great pool that will be! Yes, you will be hypervigilant I'm sure. Love you, Aunt P