Friday, July 23, 2010

My Nooky

So as everyone knows, i received a Nook for Mothers day. At this time, I have read 7 1/2 books since May. Some good, some..not so much..
Well, I decided to review some of them here, in case you are looking for a good one, or not so good one to read.

The first one I downloaded to the Nooky, I was very excited about because, well, its my first one! I have this thing where I see books reviewed in magazines and I tear out the pages to see if I can get them on the Nook. It also
got good reviews in the mags.
I also found a website thanks to my friend Jess, that is linked to the public library and you can borrow from them. Buy alot of the newer ones arent there yet.

So the name of the book is " Orange is the new Black" from Piper Kerman . It is a memoir from this author that spent some time in jail for a drug trafficking charge.
I was excited to read this book because my EX sister in law spent some time in jail and I thought it would be an interesting story.
I was interested in the beginning of the book when it went into her younger life and how she got herself into the position she did.
When it got to the part of the book where she was in jail, was boring and a let down. I kept telling my friend Jess that I was waiting for
SOMETHING, anything to happen to her, that would give her a reason to write a book about it. Millions of people go in and out
of jail and have some interesting, if not awful things happen to them. No book there. It is a fast read, and almost a feel good story. I give it 2**

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