Monday, September 06, 2010

Summer Loving..had me a blasttt

Labor Day brings so many emotions for me.
The end of summer is sad for me. Normally I wouldn't think twice about it, but THIS one is different.

1. Baby Girl goes to Kindergarten

2. We have a gorgeous back yard and pool that I really don't want to leave at the moment.
I always worked my days off around when I will head outside to relax and read on my new patio.

3. There are some things I wish I got to do this summer. A few beaches I didn't hit, kinda wish we did more as a family, outside the backyard. Maybe take a trip.

4. I will not miss the crazy, that involved getting our backyard the way we want it.

5. I loved having friends and family over to enjoy our pool and backyard.

6. I will miss outside play dates. I think they will be few and far between come winter.

What I love about the summer ending is

1. Kids in school so I have some quiet time. I haven't been without them for 7 yrs so It will be wierd.

2. Crisp fall weather

3. The windows open with the nice breeze coming in.

4. Apple and pumpkin picking.

5 Baking more. (yes honey I promise)

6. Beautiful trees..

7. All new Fall line up on TV..

8. Stew and using the crock pot to make it..

Our summer seemed to go so fast, but it was such a fun time...I will miss it..till next year
Thank You honey, for making it such a great summer. I love you

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Anonymous said...

Love you too! It was a great summer and we will have many, many more!