Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day #7 Someone That Has Made Your Life Worth Living For

Once again I am going to have to say that my children are the one (or two) things in my life that has made my life worth living.
I have people in my extended family that have chosen not to have children. Its funny, because knowing them, I couldn't IMAGINE them WITH kids. They are very selfish self centered people, possibly because they can be. I don't know if they had children, if it would change the way they are? Or if they are that way BECAUSE they don't have kids. Who knows.
My whole life I knew, just knew that I was going to have kids. I wanted to have them young. Didn't happen. I had Nicky when I was 30. But I knew there would be children in my life. I also knew that if I couldn't have kids, I would adopt them. B and I had that conversation long, before we even moved in together or even fathomed getting married and starting a life.
My children are my life. I gave them all the good in me, and am trying to make them into the best humans I can. They definitely have made my life worth living, and made me a better person living it.

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