Saturday, March 26, 2011

First Family Trip

Florida was amazing, truly amazing.

I was a little (ok alot) leery about the kids on the plane. I have to say, they were great. They hung out at the gate, read, played games till it was time to go. They were excited on take off, not sick at all. (ps. when i was 6, i threw my guts up on a plane) Sara loved looking out the window, she thought it was so cool.

Landing in Orlando and dragging around our luggage sucked! big time. I know it had to be done, but still. We rented a Town and Country min van which I loved.

The room was beautiful. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, deck outside.
Aunt Sherry and her kids, and grandson came to hang with us at the pool. The pool was beautiful, water fall cliffs, volleyball net, cabanas. The kids loved it.

Sunday, we went to Disney Magic Kingdom. We took a little shuttle from where the parking lot was to the ticket booth, then we took a boat over to Magic Kingdom. I told Sara, Planes Trains and automobiles, now she can say she has been on them all!

We had a Princess breakfast lined up, that was great. We met Cinderella first thing. Then during breakfast we met Ariel, Belle, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow white.
We then walked around the park, got characters autographs, hit some rides, saw a parade, they had a blast. But by 4 pm they were exhausted and done. Alot of waiting in lines.

Monday we dubbed it a pool day. We hung out by the pool, and found another pool in the area that had a big slide. They had a blast.

Tuesday we were supposed to go to Hollywood Studios. Well Nick woke up with a fever and sore throat that he has been fighting for a day or so. The fever was new and he was crying in pain. I called the front and they had a DR that would come to the room. She was very nice. The results were, Nick had Strep. Great...on vaca of course! So change of plans. B went golfing and we went to the pool. Nick had to stay out, and he was a trooper about it.

Wed we did Hollywood Studio. It was great, and by far my favorite. Characters, parades, alot of shows. I loved it, the kids hated the lines, but liked the shows once we got in.
Journey under the Sea with Ariel, Muppet's in 3D, was fun.

I also got a charm for my bracelet at Hollywood studios. Adorable mickey and Minny one.

Thursday my Brother and nephew came for a visit, we hung out at the pool and went to dinner later. It was so good to see him. I missed him and Anthony so much.

Friday was the day to leave. Nick told me he was 50% happy to leave and 50% sad.. I agreed totally. I was very excited to get home, because while we were gone, the inside of the house was being painted.
The airport was a nightmare again, but we made it through. The plane ride was tough, alot of kids and noise. They lost one of our bags, but we got it back at midnight last night.

My house looks amazing, but I have to spend the weekend putting it back together.

So glad to be home, our first family trip was a success!!

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