Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Summer Summer...summer Time!!!

Im ending my vacation today. I was on vacation all week and it was very busy.

Sunday we had the kids Birthday Pool Prty. alot of fun., only 12 kids which was nice, not overwhelming. They got some nice gifts.

Monday we went to Smithpoint beach. I was nervous because they have never been to the ocean, and they are used to just jumping into the water. I had to set down the rules for them.

Needless to say, they were fine and LOVED it. No fear whatsoever, which is scary too. They had an amazing time.

Tuesday I had a Dr appt, so afterwards we went to the Ecology site. We had a play date afterwards with my friend Julie and her kids. The kids had a great time. Love playdates!

Wed. we all went to the Atlantis Aquarium. Sara has never been there, so she was SOOO excited. They both loved it. They walked in a salt marsh, picked up crabs and water snails. They went on a ride very far up in the sky to see the whole aquarium. I stayed on the ground (safely) and took pictures .. We saw a sea lion show, she touched a sting ray, and they loved the sharks

Thurs. We went to Splish splash with my friend Liz and her daughter and niece. What a blast!! an exhausting blast....I just may be getting too old for that place.

Friday was a stay at home playdate cuz momma was too tired to move....

Nick and Sara both had friends over. Its good for us to do it that way so noone feels left out.

Saturday was a stay at home day too, but I had to get my oil changed in the car so I DID have to move for a while.

We took Sara to nana Beths and Oaks for a sleep over. She had a great time, I was a little lonely. It was quiet though, I have to admit.

Sunday we had to go to NJ for Nicks first Karate Tournament. Not too bad of a a ride, long day. It was fun watching everyone from different schools do their Karate.

Nick went up with his group, and he forgot some moves. So did a few others, so it wasnt so bad. He got little confused as to which form he was doing. He got a 4th place medal. So proud of him. He will go to others and just get better.

I'm taking Sara to a trial at a gymnastics place. She wants to try it out. She is already signed up for dance for September.

I cant believe it is almost August already. It is going by too fast. It hs been such a fun summer so far, I dont want it to end...

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