Sunday, August 26, 2012

Everything Happens for a Reason...Really??

     My whole life, I've always believed that everything happens for a reason. I say it so much, that my sister actually says it before me! ( "I know I know, everything happens for a reason right??")
For instance:
     If I didn't marry my first crappy husband, I would never have met the wonderful husband I have now.
     If I didn't start to work as a CNA with my mom at the age of 17, I wouldn't have ever decided to become the awesome nurse I am today.
     If my mom didn't have an unresponsive episode, we would never have known that the cancer spread to her brain.

There are tons more examples, but you get my drift.
So when I lost my job at the hospital at the end of July, after I cried of course,I thought to myself "well here we go again, everything happens for a reason"

At this moment, I just don't know what that reason could be. Bryan just bought a truck, that he picked up the week before, we were planning a trip to Hershey Park that would set us back a few hundred bucks, and school is starting soon. Which is a horrible time to start a new schedule.

After the initial first few weeks, I started to settle into a bit of a routine. I searched online and put out applications for jobs right away. My theory was, I wanted to start a new job as quickly as possible so I can have a routine for the kids before school starts, and I didn't want to start to get too comfortable being at home, being that being a SAHM was out of the question right now.

Well neither worked out.
I finally start orientation on Aug 29th for a home care agency that I joined that has a good rep and decent money. I probably should of called them first, but I was thinking of home care as a last resort of sorts.
Plus, I AM getting used to being at home,and I like it. A lot. *sigh*
The more I think about it, maybe the agency is better. I can pick and choose my days and hours, which is a plus. 
So I can spend more time with the family.
Hmmmm could that be the reason?

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Stacy O said...

Really? if all that is true, why did you sign in anonymous? and why should I believe YOU?