Monday, October 01, 2012

I Don't Understand ....

    When me and the husband decided to start dating and then eventually marry again, there was a lot of talks. I mean ALOT. There were things to go over, and hash out . We spoke about what went on in our marriage . What went wrong and what went right.
   The decision to start to date again, came after coffee dates, and talks. It wasn't a decision that we jumped into. He didn't immediately stay overnight, we didn't tell the kids or even my family.
   When we finally decided that it was what we wanted, that our happiness and our family was worth another try, we told everyone. Mostly everyone was supportive. There are always the few people who will have their doubts and questions. The ones that were there when it fell apart and stayed by me and saw the hurt, and anger. The true friends. Eventually they saw that we both changed and it was right. We are the loves of each others lives, and there is truly none else out there for the other one.
But, there is always that one (or even 2) haters that have so much to say, about things that they have no idea about.
This person/people are cowards of the worse kind. They spew poison and hate wherever they go. Their lives are so empty and sad that their happiness comes from trying to make others unhappy.
I am sure that I am not the only one.
But heres the thing. Ain't gonna happen. You can say the worst of the worst and none will believe you.
We fought so hard and been through too much to let some Cancer infect our lives.
So good luck and Good riddance


~Denise said...

Jealous people can't be happy for others or themselves. The best revenge you can have on anyone is to be happy!
I love you!

Bryan said...

I could not agree more! Jealous, pathetic, unhappy losers have nothing better to do than try to spread lies about us and have to do it anonymously by commenting on a blog. Such cowards. I know who you are. Have fun with your pathetic lives, sponging off the system because you are a complete failure. You are beneath us and you know it. You are insignificant and not a worry to us.