I'll be the first one to say that I am a chronic dieter. One day I would wake up and be all like.."i think i wanna be skinny" and then I start to "diet" or my version of it anyway.
That would last a week maybe or two. Then I try to get my husband on board and since he knows me so well he would be like "ok babe I'll diet with you" and then roll his eyes all up inside his head...
Even my kids know me. My 7 yr old girl would say..."but mommy you aren't fat"... don't know if she is really seeing me like that or if she doesn't want to get dragged to weigh ins and meetings with me. (she's 7, she's conniving).
Anywho..this time is for real...no really. Its winter, my jeans are tight, my bras are tight. The only thing NOT tight is my **** ..
Ahem...well a friend of mine has also joined and we are walking together in the morning. I must be for real cuz its 30 degrees here yo!
So my first weigh in passed on Wed, and I have to say i was nervous. I started on a Wed and then worked nights Thur-Sat. I have been confused with the points on the night shift.
I figure my points all day thurs, then when I get to work I TRY not to eat until Midnight so I can track it for Friday. NEVER works cuz by 10pm I'm hungry. So i pack a snack for 10pm. I eat my "dinner, lunch, breakfast" whatever to call it...at midnight, and track it on Fridays points, since technically it IS Friday. I didn't think that was going to work, but LO and BEHOLD weigh in proved that it was.
I lost 3 lbs the first week. Now I know its "water" weight, but I don't care! Honestly don't. It's down, not up and thats all I care about. Because my poor friend that joined with me went UP .6 HER FIRST WEEK. Poor thing. I felt bad for her really, cuz she tried. Hard.
So here I go again...and I promise its my last time. If it don't do it right this time, i resign to be chubby forever and ever and ever.....Moving on!!