Wednesday, December 26, 2012


I Love my life now.
That has not always been the case however.
I have had a lot of disappointments in my life. 
Although, my childhood wasn't "bad" it wasn't stable in the least. A lot of moving, and lack of financial stability.
I have had good relationships growing up , but my first marriage was a failure, and my second one was close. Thank God that was put back together properly.

I always thought I had a close knit family. We had some ups and downs like all families, but we always remembered that we were family. It feels that ever since my mom passed away, people in my family just lost their dam minds.
I am used to the disappointments from my family by now, but this takes the cake.
I almost want to just wash my hands of them, and all their drama.
I'm tired of being the rational one
I'm tired of being the voice of reason
I'm tired of being the one that always has to make the right choices. Be the "grownup"..
I'm just tired.

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