Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Gone But Never Forgotten

Hi Mom,
    You have been gone for 4 yrs today. I will never forget the phone call from Dad saying that he thinks you are gone.I got to your apt in record time, just to see you laying there looking like you were asleep.I think about that night often. The details are so vivid still. They sent 2 VERY old men to take you out of the apt, and I couldn't help but think that if you were alive, we would be laughing at how old these poor guys were, and they had to lift you and carry you and a stretcher up the stairs.
I really miss your sense of humor. I definitely got mine from you. I still laugh inappropriately at things , and think how I can't wait to tell you, just to realize I can't. I miss our "double talk" we used to do, although I could never speak as fast as you could. It used to make dad SOOO mad that he couldn't understand us.
    Your wish came true, and my Sara is EXACTLY like me! She makes me nuts, but she is so funny and charming but has to have the last word! I tell her all the time how you used to get so mad at me for that. She loves stories I tell of you. When I went to your grave for your birthday, she asked me to say a prayer for you. She is a thoughtful child that way.
   Things have gone a little off track since you have been gone. I don't know if you could have done anything about it if you were here, but you could definitely been another opinion and voice of reason for dad. Lately I have been playing grown up and I don't like it. The two oldest people in this family , the ones that should know better, dropped the ball. It is what it is and they will find their way in there own time.
   There are so many things I miss about you. The way you answered the phone, with that "Hello" twang. The times I would come over for coffee in the morning to catch up. Asking you cooking questions for sure! I really miss you not being here to see your grandkids grow up. They are doing so great and they are so awesome. You would be proud of them.Sara is a spitting image of me, and Nick of Bryan. It's scary really..
   I regret not talking to you as much as I could of when you were in Fl. You used to complain that I never had time on the phone. ( which was true, I had 2 little kids). But I feel that I missed out so much time talking with you, that I only realized after you were gone. (Isn't that always the way)
  I will always be glad and grateful that I was able to have you stay with me for a while, and that I was able to take off from work and take care of you in your last few  days with us.
I think about you often, I miss you all the time. I love you xxoo 

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