Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Baby is 10!

He was such an easy baby. Always laughing and playing. Very social and lovable .
He is no longer my "baby". He's 10 now. I have had this love in my life for 10 whole years.
Hes so funny
Hes soooo Smart!
Quick witted , loves games, any kind, mostly video. He loves board games, and recently gotten into Monopoly. 
He loves Math, and numbers.
He is active. Loves his sports. Rocks at football & baseball. Loves anything WWE.
Wants to be a wrestler when he grows up.
Loves his family. A bit of a mamas boy (I don't mind)
Got over his fear of animals, and is in love with our puppy.
He is a shining star in my life. My first born baby, that can go anywhere and do anything he wants in life. I love him more than life. 
I'm so happy he's mine.

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