Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Mother's Day

     I love being a Mom. I really do. And not just cuz there is 1 day set aside to appreciate me and all I do and to get gifts and stuff. (gifts are always good)
     I did get a wonderful gift from my family. Its an Oragomi Owl necklace. Its a round necklace that you can put your favorite charms in. I was impressed cuz the hubby did this without any prompting from me, in fact I had no idea he even knew this existed. So the charms he picked were: a turquoise and a diamond charm (kids stones) a key with a heart (me and him) a puppy paw, a nurse symbol, a book, and a mom charm. All the things I love. Very impressive Honey.
     Aside from the cool gift, my kids are truly my gift.

The way my , way too tall, son comes to sit on my lap and snuggle on the couch. All his limbs everywhere because he just doesn't fit, but he just "wants to snuggle".

The way my daughter was talking to me before work on the porch, her beautiful blond hair loose in the braid I just made her. Telling me an animated story from school, the sun hitting her face, as her blue eyes sparkle and the flecks of yellow bright. 

The way, my son puts his arm out in the bed when I wake him up in the morning, so I can lay down with him and he wraps his arm around me. (stall tactic I know), breathing his dragon morning breath on me...

The wonderful Mother's Day card my daughter gave me that says she "loves my smiles and giggles and love".

I just love them so much, and my life is so much better with them in it. 

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