Friday, July 05, 2013

Our 4 year Anniversary..

This summer has been busy so far, and the kids haven't even started camp yet. 
The Husband took on a position for assistant coach for a varsity baseball team. He loves it, but it certainly interferes with our life sometimes, Nick had baseball, and Sara had Soccer, any my work schedule changed AGAIN... (it's only July BTW)

For example out anniversary. Its July 3rd , and I was finally off from work, and could maybe celebrate ON THE DAY. That rarely happens . But, his team had a game, so alas. we are going to celebrate on Saturday, July 6. 
Dinner and a movie, it is. It could be sandwiches and netflix on his phone, as long as we were out of the house, alone, with NO kids, just ourselves. Our Married for 4 years, selves.
It seems much longer, but I guess, being that  we have been together for 13 yrs, (minus3), it has been longer.
 I have to say, this years road has been a rocky and winding one. (mainly because I was drunk all of the time, NO im kidding, not the whole time anyway.)

 We have had family drama, (as per the usual), new tenants move in, and a construction done in that house. ( money stress). Sickness, (his dad) and our own little relationship issue that I won't get into here. 
I would hope that it has made our marriage stronger, since we have been through just about everything a relationship can go through at this point.
I still Love and Adore him and our life.
4yrs doesn't seem like a long time, but in OUR case, it's a lifetime.

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