Wednesday, February 05, 2014

It's that time again....

Its the worst time of the year again. February. I hate it. Seriously. Even though its the shortest month, its the saddest for me. (Although November is now a close 2nd)
My mom's 5year anniversary of her death is Feb 6th and my Mother in Laws 10th is Feb 12.
They were both great people, and loved so much, and taken way to soon.

My plans for my moms day is to go to a M.D. appt I have and then go by the cemetery, which is covered in snow now. My sister thinks its peaceful, I find it gloomy.
I find this whole crappy month gloomy actually.

There has been a lot of snow, and that includes sledding from my kids.
So if their happy, I'm
happy (sort of)

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