Saturday, September 01, 2007


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, September. I feel that this month is the new year. The start of something new and fresh. New clothes, new supplies, new weather. Forget January, i am making Sept 1st the official new year! Yea I am drinking tonight!!!
I actually walk around the stores buying school supplies. I have an end table in my bedroom that has 2 drawers filled with school supplies. At least my kids will be set. Although by then the glue will be dried to the sides but whatever.
Anyway Everyone have a wonderful September and school year. And this time next year i will be balling b/c my firstborn, love of my life, heart and soul will be leaving me and going to kindergarten...Cant even think aout it. Fall is coming!!!
Apple picking, for pies (I never make) Pumpkin picking for Jack-O-Lanterns (i never make) Love It Love It :)

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