Friday, September 28, 2007


So because of mom i went ahead and got a mammogram.
The nurse i work with at my job said i was being ridiculous and a hypocondriac. But i did it anyway to make myself feel better.
I was nervous and i dont really know why, if it was a routine appt i wouldnt think twice about it. It was very uncomfortable, the twins got a little squished. However, it wasnt anything i couldnt handle. I did have 2 babies drugless, ya know. I will get a letter in the mail and the results get sent to the gyno in 2-3 days.

So the ex dropped the kids off yesterday and the b-friend was over. S came outside and said hi to the ex. Hmmm couldnt gauge if the ex was uncomfortable or not. We were just chatting about the kids, they did say hi to eachother. I feel a little better now ,i think that they have met. I feel like i dont have to hide the man. Not that i really was, but he would go to my bro's or upstairs, for fear that the ex would have something to say. Over it!

Mom got her first chemo on Wed. She said it wasnt bad, it was comfortable where she was w/ tv and snacks. She doesnt have any side effects, but that usually takes 2-3 sessions. Her next session is Oct. 17th.
Oh, her PET scan came back clean!! The spots were just trauma from her fall last year probably, but not cancer!! Soooo relieved and happy.
Till next time.

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