Thursday, September 13, 2007


Not much going on in MY life. But my mom has Breast Cancer and i am terrified for her.
Anyone that knows me knows my mom in law died ultimately of the same thing. I also was there through her suffering in the end, and i dont wish that on my worse enemy.
She is handeling it well, in denial. Where she spends most of her days. Must be sunny there.

She has alot of tests through the 17th and 18th. Then Oncologist again on 19th to determine what the test reveal. If is has spread or not.
I keep telling myself that she will go through chemo, be nauseous, loose some hair and then she will be fine. Truth is ..........she's getting a masectomy after chemo, and she will NEVER be fine after that. She cant live in denial then because she has a constant reminder of it.
Maybe i will head to denial......hope they serve margarita's..

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~Denise aka NYNative said...

as you know, I've been down this road.... I'm praying for you.
Love you lots!!!!