Monday, October 29, 2007


So i was tagged by the sis in law. Thanks D.I truly dont know 7 people to tag back but here goes my weirdness:

1. Sometimes i pee in the shower. Ewwww i know but weak bladder since the kids.

2.My kids are my heart but I really, really LOVE when they are with their dad.

3. I agree, I totally hate other peoples feet too.

4. When i get stressed i rub my ears and say "Akutta mattata" from the Lion King and it works for me. Whatever.

5. Sometimes i wish i could have another baby, especially since mine has lost their "new baby smell".

6. I've come to really believe in my heart that B leaving was the bes thing he could have done for my kids.

7. I eat cereal for dinner . Alot, Alot

Not too much wierdness, but more silly. I dont know anyone elses blog except the one that just tagged me. Sorry

1 comment:

~Denise aka NYNative said...

don't sweat not tagging anyone else.

You can smell my new baby in just 3 weeks!!!! :D :D :D

There is nothing better for you than cereal... except for when you are on South Beach. Now what are ya gonna eat?

#6 makes me sad. But there is nothing I can do.

As long as you clean that tub before anyone else gets in it... no biggie!