Monday, June 09, 2008

Family's Almost Back

Well, i picked up the niece last night at the airport. The kids were surprizingly good there and actually made a friend/ Of course i forgot any cameras.I think she is glad to be here, she says she is.
My daughter said her name about 800 times last night. Both of the kids could'nt get enough of her.
This morning we came downstairs and she was asleep on the couch and it was all the kids could do to stop themselves from waking her up by jumping on her.

So we met my friend J at the beach with her kiddies. We were there first and what a blast they had. We went to a beach here in Pachogue and it was WAY better than the one we went to last time but i did't get many pictures. I did get to sit for a little while which was nice. The water was shallow for a long way out so it was good for them.
I still didn't LOVE it by any means, but i don't hate at as much either. Just have to plan ahead. I did pack them extra clothes this time :) so we washed off in the bathroom and changed so they were comfy on the way home.
We bought my niece to her friends house for a visit and the kids are hanging out till their father comes to get them around 4ish. So i will get a little break for a while.
Cool Beans............

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