Thursday, June 12, 2008

Random Things..........Again

So i think i sent everyone an invite to my new Avon Website. If not it is . I am very excited that i have it, i feel like a real business owner. :)

I start VACA officially now. I go back to work on Saturday 21st. I dont really have plans except for Monday i am going to lunch with Stella. My BFF Kathy is leaving for Colorodo (look i can't even spell it, i am so distraut) She is going for a month. A MONTH!! Sigh.......I know she needs to go and get away but i will miss her terribly.

My sis and bro are going to be on the road tomorrow at 7am to make the trip here. Say a quick prayer that they are safe and sound and my brother stays awake and is safe while driving. And they don't kill eachother out of pure boredom.
My niece went to her friends house tonight. (a boy) His father is going to take her home. She was so cute cuz she was so nervous. I think she likes him, she has known him for 2 yrs, but i think she wants him as a b-friend.
I have to meet this boy.
Thats all for now...........

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