Thursday, June 05, 2008

Trying to Save some Cash!!

So this is what i decided to do with alot of mulling over: My wonderful niece is coming in June, Oh, and my sister too :)
Since she will be on my couch vegging for a while, i elected her to watch my son 4 days a week. For pay ofcourse. I have off 1 day a week so they will be with me then. And S will still go to daycare as per usual but i did drop her down to 4 days a week.
She was excited to have some extra money for clothes for school etc..... and i was excited not to have to pay $1018/month and $450 this month for the membership fee to be at the Y. YIPPY!!!!
I don't really see a downfall to this except maybe my sanity for not having 1 day off to have some "me time", and maybe S crying for a few days that she cant stay home too. Other than that it looks great on paper.
We shall see........Keep your fingers crossed.

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luann said...

hi sis! bout time you mentioned me a little, as an afterthought i see, but will take what i can get!

the whole babysitting thing will work out great, you will see! you are helping ea other and i certainly appreciate it, no school-clothes buying for me!!!!! love ya