Sunday, June 15, 2008

Shes Back BABY................ Finally

So yesterday the sis finally got here after a looooong 2 days travel. I talked and texted her more in these past 2 days than in the almost yr she was gone.
Anyway she came around 3ish and we all were so happy to see her.
I told the b-friend that she will be here at 2pm so he would be on time and amazingly enough he was here at 2. But then we had to wait an hr. Oh well.

We moved everything into the house that needed to go in and then off to storage we went. We met my sis "b-friend" G there that was going to help us. We got it done in no time. We worked very well together, (except for my brother throwing the couch cushions at me , he will get his) We dropped the truck off and headed home. The sis came back a little later after some "quality time" with the b-friend.
We are going to have to do something about that situation, its not a good one. She left NY to get away from a life she wasn't happy in, and now she is back in the same situation. Not so much her job etc...but this b-friend of hers.
Anyway one thing at a time, i am just glad she is back either way.

Today is Fathers Day, the kids are going to their dads house later today. Thank Goodness. I need a break from them for a little while. They are my heart and soul but boy do they grate on my nerves at times.
Anywho, all for now...............

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