Saturday, August 09, 2008


I put in for Thursday off so i can deal w/mom, but my job said they have no staff :(
So Thursday AM, it took alot, but i got up and went to work. Well, staffing called and said they have too many nurses and i can go home :) So I did and left the girl in daycare.

So we had a good day, I also got to spend time w/the boy as well. I went to get the girl later and we all had fun. As the day is over, i went to change the girl and she had a wierd red raised rash with a white dot in the middle. Only on her left side diagonal from her chest to her belly and scattered on her left leg. Thats it.
So i bring her down stairs to see if my mom knew anything.
As i sit on the floor in front of my mom, i look down and notice her feet are wet.
Well the medical term is called "Weeping Edema" which basically means her feet is so swollen that the fluid has no place to go and her skin cracks and leaks out the fluid. So now her slippers are soaked and and she never noticed it.

So now i have freaky rash to my left and weepy feet to my right. And i am sitting on the floor in the middle looking up to God and saying "REALLY??? REALLY????ARE YOU SERIOUS???"
I put the girl to bed and go into the boy and tell him that i have to go to the drug store for nana. He says "mommy can you lay with me and read for 5 minutes" Which i usually do, but i told him i promise i will when i get back.

I run into CVS and buy gauze pads, cling, and ACE bangages. and run out. I get home and clean moms feet cover them with gauze and ACE bandages and tell her to keep them up. Sigh........ Now its 9:40pm and i go upstairs to read with my son. And he is sleeping.... So here comes the guilt as i stare at him surrounded by his books waiting for his mommy to come back and just falling asleep with exhaustion.
In the am i make an appt for the girl and her freaky rash. We got in right away and we were there in no time. The DR comes in and looks at her, turns her, touches the freaky rash, with no gloves BTW (ewww) and says "Well i don't know what its from." BRILLIANT
There are no other symptoms, so just watch her. Ok so i am watching and waiting and it looks the same............ $20 well spent don't ya think. UHGGG!!!

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~Denise AKA NYNative said...

oh gosh! You've got quite the household there!!! I wish I could be there to help you or at least get you away for a little while... I will continue to pray for you all!

LOVE you LOTS and MISS you LOTS too!!!!