Monday, August 11, 2008

Why Do We Need to Drive Anyway?????

Why do we have to drive anyway??Hmmmm....I needed my van inspected so my bro told me that Goodyeat Tires is open on Sundays. So I said. OK perfect. I went down there yesterday for my inspection.
I went in and was listening to the guy ahead of me mention an oil change and i said Oh, Yeah, i neeed that too. I am wayyyyyyyyyyy over due, then he said something about squeaky belts. And I said, Oh yeah, mine squeak too. And have been for a while. So when it was finally my turn, i said that i needed am inspection, oilchange and please check the belts. Oh and can you check the tire that has been loosing air in the driver side front. So he shows me the pre-bill it was $57. OK i can do that.
He calls me later and says this: "Well, your front tire has 2nails in it, which is why its loosing air, and your 2 back tires have the treads sticking out, so they wont pass inspection. There is a bulb out of your brake light so that wont pass either. Your belts are squeaking b/c it is dry rotted, oh and your air filter needs to be replaced because it is very dirty."
So i said OMG!! and he laughed. So i ended up fixing all of the above and getting an extra tire cuz i cant have 3 out of 4 new tires. A little OCD i think, and an alignment.
The Grand total.......$650.00 Yes that is american dollars!!
I went to pick up my car later, in a state of shock and my eye twitching a little. But i felt like i was riding a little higher with my new tires and it was very quiet. No squeaking!!
Worth it?? Dont really know, cuz now i have to eat cereal for the next week till i get paid again, Sigh..........


Anonymous said...

Yep! I cringe every time we have to get the car/cars inspected. It's always something, never nothing. They sure know how to get us. Keep up the good work, Stacy. Love, Aunt Pris

~Denise AKA NYNative said...

oh cars... sometimes I wonder if they are worth it! You pay monthy to have one, you pay for gas to use them, the state charges you money to keep one on the road, plus don't forget insurance... and then they have the nerve to require upkeep!!! SHEESH!!!
My car needs tires, shocks, and struts. I still think I should sue the state of TX to pay for my shocks and struts since its their terrible roads that killed mine!

oh well... the bright side is this: you and your kiddos are safer now driving on new tires and you just nixed the chance of having a belt break while on the highway and spending any amount of time stranded on the side of the road w/ 2 little guys! :D GO YOU! ;)