Monday, August 18, 2008

Kids say the darndest thing!

Well, my kids are my life and they come out with the FUNNIEST stuff.! I used to write it all down but i have to say, I cant keep up.....So here is a few things i think are sooooo funny:

i was on the front porch reading a mag when S asked me to play the Memory game again. For the 1,000 time. I told her to wait a little while, so she procedeed to take the mag out of my hand and take a few steps away. I said "S please give that back. that wasn't nice" So the 3yr old says to me " Mommy, if you play the Memory game with me, I will give you back your magazine" WHAT! isnt that extortion?? Brat.

N peed in the bed the other day and when i mentioned that his pants were wet he said to me with the most serious face. "Mommy, a big wave came through the window from the ocean and wet my bed. It wasn't me." And he sticks to that story too. and told his dad the same thing Hmmmm.

The girl has asked my sister on numerous occasions why she was wearing a wig. (my sis has really short hair) HEE HEE.

There are soooo many more things that they do and say that i KNOW that they are my children. Although the other day i actually transformed into my mother and said, "You know S. when you get older and have kids, i hope you have one just like you!!!" and it wasn't a compliment at the time.

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