Friday, August 22, 2008

Update on mom.

On the 21st mom had her Oncologist appt. I can tell that she was nervousr b/c she was getting the resluts from the PET scan.
So the PA came in first and said that her results looked "good" but she was going to let the DR talk to her. So DR J came on and said that it was a good PET scan and the chemo meds basically did their job. However she still wants her to take them, but a much lower dose for a shorter amt of time.
So as she was leaving dad said "Does this mean that she is in remission?" So she turned around and said "Yes I would say she is in remission" and left.
WOW. Hmmmm WOW. Didn't really expect that. I spoke to my Dr at work, DR G and she said it doesn't necessarly mean the cancer is gone, just that it is responding to the treatment and not getting worse.
OH OK now it makes sense. Hmmmm wonder if the folks realize that.

Mom is definately getting better. She is eating much better and her feet went down significantly. Dad wants her to exercise more, by walking but her left leg hurts from when she fell on my back porch most recently. Sigh.....if the woman can just stay on her 2 feet.
They went to look at an apt that i found about 4 minutes away from me. Dad went to see it w/me the other day and he liked it so he brought mom but the guy wasn't there to show them. They were going to fill out the application, i think for Oct Maybe? Not sure, but it is definately a light at the end of the tunnel. :) for all of us. (mainly me).

Tomorrow the sis is taking the girl for a while, so i can spend some time w/the boy alone. He rocks!! He is so ready for kindergarten.
Anyway.......that about covers it. Oh, next time i will tell you about last night when i was sitting on the bathroom floor in my underwear crying like a 2yr old. So sad.....

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