Friday, September 05, 2008


Well, let me tel you, the little man was Sooooo excited to go to school! On wednesday we had a kindergarten social in the am to meet the teacher and kids. He was very bored to say the least. They had pancakes for breakfast, and we all know the boy dont eat. There was some talking going on as well so he was ansy and wanting to leave. We did go to his classroom and put his stuff away.

His teacher had a death in her family so she wont be there till Monday. But he likes his sub. alot. Hope his teacher is as nice. ( i hear she isn't)

So yesterday he woke up so excited. His dad and g-friend came in the am for pixs, and my sis came as well. We walked to school hand in hand. Dad and the girl was behind us too.

When we got there, I took video of the kids in line and him going inside. At one point he ran over and hugged me and said "mommy can you come with me" but i reassured him and gave him a hug and he was fine. My highlight was when he was walking in the girl yells out "I LOVE YOU BROTHER!" then looks at me and says "can we go now?" It is on video and sooo funny.

So throughtout the day me and the girl had an "adventure". It started with the "bookbag" I gave her with reading and writing stuff in it for her. for her first day of her return to daycare :)

Then we went and got our nails done. She got blue nails with painted on flowers and butterflys. Too cute! She sat like an angel, and she is showing EVERYBODY!

Then we went to lunch at burger king. (cheap date thank goodness). We came home and took a nap.Then we went to get N at school. I couldn't wait to see how his day went. I got there at 3:25pm and everyone was out already!

Oh crap! I had to go to the office and get him! I felt SO BAD! The sub was with him and she said that the walkers get out at 3:10. Man i somehow overlooked that. He was so happy to see him anyway. He was pretty vague about the day, He didnt like saying the Pledge of Allegience b/c they said it too fast he said. I think they will be doing more come Monday when his teacher returns.

The good thing is, he wants to go back today and is just as excited. Yea!!!!

Oh, I didnt cry like i thought. I think i was just sooo excited for him.

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