Sunday, September 14, 2008

Meet the Teacher night...

Well let me start by saying that i had to wait to write this so i can actually write it without getting so mad again.

On Wednesday the boy had "Meet the Teacher Night". I was excited to go because i hadn't met her yet. So I told the ex about it so he can come if he wanted to, which he did.So I was waiting for him to show and he finally pulled in. I went out the back door and SHE was with him. Why?? you ask. Who knows.
So I walked ahead of them to the school texting my b-friend about it b/c i really didn't want to walk with them.
We get there and we introduce ourselves: " Hi I am Nicky's mom Stacy" " Hi I am Nicky's dad Bryan" then "Oh i love this part, um Iam his girlfriend Kristina" looking at the ex when she said it. So if she was so uncomfortable and didnt know how to introduce herself why the hell did she come????
So we sat around and listened to the teacher explain rules and the circulum for the yr and i was making random comments to the ex about the boy. I said something about how the boy reads so good and he learned at the Y that he went to.
The ex says to me " Well, Kristina is really the one that taught him to read, she worked really hard with him"
WHAT!!!!! I was the one who has been reading to him EVERYDAY since he was 4months old! I am the one who lays in bed with him and reads to him EVERY night, and bought him BOB Books that teach children to read. She has him with her everyother weekend and he gave HER the credit!!
Let me just say that if we werent in the classroom with other parents, it would not have been pretty. But i let it go. Yes i did, and after to talking to people about it, i am sure she was the one feeling uncomfortable not me.
This weekend is a Back-To-School BBQ for the family and you know what, i didnt even tell him about it. You know why? Basically b/c I dont want to hang out with her and play nice.
Since the ex told me the other day that i need to be nicer to Kristina and say hi to her when i pick up the kids on Sundays. WHAT? Well, first off she is lucky she has her eyeballs still in her head and second of all, I am going to HER house to pick up the kids so I am the visitor. She should say hi to me and not just hand me the bag and walk away. He said he will talk to her about that. (which he won't). Frankly I will NEVER be friendly with her, I tolerate her b/c i am picking up the kids, that is it.
A few people I have talked to about this thinks he is crazy and its a control thing with him, and they would never tolerate half the stuff I do. The fact that i am even cordial to her is a miracle in its own right.
ANYWAY, I am not telling him about the BBQ, and when parent/teacher night comes up, I will tell him and also tell him not to bring her or there will be a scent. She is NOT his parent.
So we spoke about how well N reads and we are worried about him getting bored. She has since sent home a note saying that N helps her read a book everyday. Nice.
Thank GOODNESS N still likes school.
He tried a meatball hero yesterday at lunch! wahoo!

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