Thursday, September 25, 2008

He loves school......Now What??

My son absolutely loves school. However, i have been getting notes home from the teacher everyday for the last week. It started last Monday, when he didnt want his apple for his A.M. snack. So he threw it out and ate his "chips" which were actually mini rice cakes. The teacher told him that he cant eat them in the AM, that they are for lunch.
That prompted such an"outburst" from him that the teacher actually called me. :( She started by telling me that he is a wonderful boy and helps her read at reading time, blah blah blah. The main thing is that he flipped in class.
SOOOOO, I decided that I will put his snack in a seperate bag and he will eat what i gave him. That worked.
Now, everyday i have gotten a note: EX: " He whines when not called on", "He interuptes in class" "He refused to stand for the Pledge" (that was her fault cuz she told them to put the stuff away in his backpack and he wasnt finished yet). " He was initiating neg. attention even when much pos attention was given" Those are the ones I remember.
Sigh....I dread going into his bkbag now. So when he gets a note, i talk to him then won't let him on the computer as a punishment. I always send a note back, but the day after the pledge thing, his father sent one back. and he gets the last note about the neg attention sent home. Sigh.....
His father also had a prob. in Kindergarten so i am not so surprised, but I am hoping it is an adjustment phase.
What to do...what to do..

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