Friday, October 31, 2008

7 Things.........

So i have been "Tagged" for 7 things people dont know about me. Originally i thought "well if people dont know these things about me, maybe they shouldn't" But then i said EVERYONE doesn't know EVERYTHING right? so here goes:

1 I really am a spiritual person. It doesn's show much, but i would like to attend church regularly, (can't. work), i pray on a regular basis ie:daily, I know things happen for a reason. (Gods work) I believe in Karma (again Gods work) I try to live life like I will eventually go to Heaven. I believe my b-friend was sent to me for a reason, my mom got sick for a reason, I am a nurse for a reason, and My ex left for a DEFINATE reason.

2. I LOVE to cook, although dont do it that often. I LOVE going and buying cooking stuff. ie: pots, pans gadgets. and I cook good too when i can.

3. I KNEW when i married my first husband that i will get divorced from him.

4 I would kill for my kids

5 I still have dreams about my ex. Most of them bad. I also know in the deepest part of my heart that he left me for his new girlfriend and that Karma will get him.

6. I tell everyone that I dont EVER wanna get married again, but I do. I LOVED being married and being a wife.

7 I am scared of bugs. I have to be brave for the kids, but i actually get chills when i have to kill them.

So that is it. probably not too exciting, and everyone prob. already knows all of it, but here it is.
I cant tag anyone cuz i only read a few blogs and most of them i dont know.
Have a wonderful Halloween!!!

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Faith said...

Hey there!! *grin* Thanks for taking the tag...i would tell ya to tag people you don't know but as I found out, people must not be into that. LOL. Seriously, I am with ya on the bug thing. and if I let myself, I would totally buy kitchen gadgets....actually i have a few now that i don't use...haha. anyways, thanks again! *GRIN*