Saturday, November 01, 2008


Lets just say that I dont enjoy Halloween much. My favorite season is Fall, and i Love to decorate for it, but the actual trick or treat experience i dont particularly care for.
But, alas, I must particiapate. So the girl wanted to be Ariel. I sooo wanted her to be Hannah Montanah cuz I had that clothes already, but all the begging and pleading did nothing. And the boy was a "Friendly Ghost" (Note to me: no more costumes that go over the face)
I wanted to take him the the Yaphank Precinct b/c they were having a big Halloween thing, with face painting and crafs etc. It started at 3:30 and ended @ 6:30. I told the ex about it and asked him to meet us there so i can take them to something different. Well, NOOOOO. I had to have them back to the house by 5. I would have had an hour there then would have had to leave. Whats the point.
Yet again the ex has his way.
So off we went around the neighborhood. It was early 3:30ish, not many people home. My friend Janine and her 2 kids came as well as my sister (we all agree to the hating thing).
We got 2 blocks when the whining started. " I wanna go home. Are we done yet" and that was from the grownups.
Kidding, the kids. Or should I say my son. He was complaining that his "costume wouldn't let him see" He only tripped a few times. Then after 2 blocks i realize that the girls bag looked really light. Well she had a hole in it, so the candy was falling out after she got it. We found a trail across the lawn of the house we were at.

*sigh* well at least Hansel and Gretel will find their way home.

So I took a pin from my sons costume (so now he REALLY cant see) and pinned the bottom of the bag. Who knows how much candy I lost..... Ummm I mean she lost.
So we were home in time, early actually. They got enough candy, mostly lollypops. Not much chocolate.
When the ex came to get them, SHE came with him of course. So SHE gave them their trick or treat bags and they had a little present in each one. Ughhh.
(Although my sis gave them halloween cards with stickers in them)
So of course, yet again, i feel incompetent and like a failure b/c I didnt think of that.
Doesn't matter that I spent $45 on costumes and my b-friend spent $16 on a wig for her.
They always have a way of making me feel that way, then the pictures came.

The ex gives me pixs that were taken at their house one weekend. It was of S dressed in all kinds of dance outfits doing dance routines in her room. So SHE said " I must have taken 30 pictures of her dressed up, she had so much fun. I bought her a ballet bar at a garage sale for her to play with, we spent a whole day doing that one Saturday." AWWWWWW camp Daddy strikes again. (Do I sound bitter). I split up the candy when they left and they went with him. They got home late, so they stayed up later than i would have liked, but whatever. They also kept their candy from his house at his house. Better off.
Sigh.....another "holiday" down.
Till next time....Moving On

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wow that's hard. I'm sorry! =(